Help save America’s wild horses

Link til Wild Horses & Renegades I’m greatly empowered that the conscious people of Norway are committed to helping save America’s wild horses. The plight of America’s wild horses has far reaching environmental implications that ultimately effect the entire world. By…

Cerebrospinal Fluid and Facia

Operasjon cerebrospinal fluid, Intradural Schwannoma L2 Spinal Animation Anatomy of the brain: The Cerebrospinal Fluid CSF Animation of CSF Circulation Central Nervous System Mechanisms of Pain Modulation Real, Facia Magnified 25x Facia, Anatomy Trains Revealed Preview Real, Strolling…

Knowing the Bones

Skull demonstration Craniosacral movement animated Cranial Movement in 3D Sphenoid in craniosacral movement Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Spine

Upledger’s 10 Step

    CranioSacral Therapy 10-Step Protocol Step 1 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8 Step 2 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8 Step 3 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8 Step 4 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8 Step 5 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8 Step 6 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8 Step 7 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8 Step 8 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8  Step 9 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8 Step 10 ;feature=share&list=PL3DFA3D698AE12EB8

Takk, David snakker nå!

Upledger, som har videreutviklet og brakt fram denne spesielle terapi-formen, har hatt bemerkelsesverdige resultater.

The Therapeutic Value of the Craniosacral System

By John Upledger, D.o. , O.M.M. The very existence of the cardiovascular and respiratory rhythm is not disputed today. But for eons, the debate raged on in medical communities, in cultures around the globe, concerning the reality of these systems.…

Brain may flush out toxins during sleep

NIH-funded study suggests sleep clears brain of damaging molecules associated with neurodegeneration. A good night’s rest may literally clear the mind. Using mice, researchers showed for the first time that the space between brain cells may increase during sleep, allowing…